Computer Kidney Could Provide Safer Tests for New Medications

A University of Waterloo researcher has spearheaded the development of the first computational model of the human kidney. The new model will allow scientists to gain better insights into how new drugs that target the kidney, such as diabetes medication, may work. It will also enable researchers to better learn about the functions of the [...]

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New Trial Raises Hope for First Drug to Restore Hearing

University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCH) researchers have begun to test whether a new drug can improve hearing in patients with hearing loss, after completing a study on the safety and tolerability of the drug in 15 patients. There are currently no drugs available that treat hearing loss. [...]

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Thousands Set to Benefit from Blood Pressure Treatment

NICE has published its draft updated guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension) for public consultation. In the biggest change to NICE’s previous guidance published in 2011, the level of a person’s cardiovascular disease risk at which treatment for high blood pressure can be started has been reduced. The draft guideline [...]

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