On Friday 13th September, talkhealth, an online community supporting over 250,00 people with chronic conditions (many of these experiencing skin conditions like eczema), hosted an Eczema Twitter Chat to mark World Atopic Eczema Day (14th September) and the start of National Eczema Week (15th-to-22nd September).

The chat involved 20 people, including charities such as British Skin Foundation and Eczema Society, plus members of talkhealth with eczema and dermatologist experts.

The chat lasted an hour and was led by talkhealth, who asked the following questions:

  • If you could only give one top tip to someone with #eczema what would it be?
  • What do you find is your main #eczema trigger?
  • When you get an #eczema flare up, what’s the first thing you do?
  • What top tip would you offer managing a social life with #eczema?
  • What advice would you offer about boosting self-esteem when experiencing #eczema flare ups?
  • How will your #eczema care routine change moving now from summer to winter?
  • This encouraged each participant to submit a positive response about how they either personally manage their eczema, or how they would recommend
  • an individual does so.

Overall, they received an amazing 100 responses to their questions, with most using #talkeczema and #eczema on the day. They also reached an incredible 43,900 people across Twitter.

Check out all the highlights now.

For extra support, talkhealth are also currently running an online Skin Conditions Clinic where you can ask your questions about eczema and other skin conditions to their panel of experts between now until 30th September.

Looking for Further Eczema Support?

talkhealth also have an eczema hub where you can chat with like-minded individuals and experts 24/7 and receive help on any issues all year-round.

Plus, if your child has eczema, check out their free eczema support programme, which is packed full of support and guidance to help manage your eczema’s child, including what to ask your GP, emollient therapy, and more.